Prescription Savings Card

Health care costs in the U.S. seem to constantly rise faster than the annual income rate. Studies conclude that there are two causes for this massive increase, government policy and lifestyle changes.

First, citizens of the United States rely upon company-sponsored private health insurance. Government created programs like Medicare and Medicaid were designed to assist those without insurance. In turn, these programs increased the demand for health care services, giving providers the ability to raise prices as they see fit.

Second, nearly half of all Americans suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. These diseases are both difficult and expensive to treat. Out of pocket expenses are at an all time high.

What if you could start saving today on these types of expenses? With the FREE RxCut prescription savings card from The Alliance, you can start enjoying savings immediately. There are NO enrollment fees, and everyone qualifies. There is no limit on the number of times you can use it AND it never expires!

Here is how it works. Fill out the included form to get your FREE card. Print out enough copies to share with your family. Submit your card to the pharmacy with your prescription. Whether you have insurance or not, you will pay the lowest available price with the RxCut card. Statistics show that users are saving up to 87% on FDA approved prescription medications, and it is accepted at all major pharmacies nationwide.

Enjoy even more savings on these services:

  • Mail Order Prescriptions
    • many customers have medications shipped to their home in 3 month supplies
  • Durable Medical Goods
    • this includes walkers, crutches, glucose monitors, wheelchairs and much more
  • Over the Counter Medications
    • these do not require a prescription and are sold directly to the consumer
  • Diabetic Supplies
    • glucose testing monitors and strips, insulin, therapeutic shoes and inserts, and lancets
  • Hearing Aid Products and Services
    • testing, fitting and follow up of hearing aids and any repairs
  • Pet Medications
    • flea, tick and heartworm prescriptions, as well as meds for pain, anxiety and diabetes

RXCut Card