Would your family be able to survive if the unthinkable happened?

4 in 10 households with children under age 18 say they would have trouble meeting living expenses if a primary income earner died today.

source: LIMRA Foundation - 2013 facts sheets

Would your family struggle financially if a primary income earner passed away? Fifty percent of Americans say they would have trouble within six months and more than 30% say they would struggle within one month. Fortunately, your family doesn't have to struggle to keep a roof over their head or have constant worry about covering their mortgage costs. The Alliance's Mortgage Protection Insurance is specifically designed to remove these burdens and allow the family to focus on what is most important.

What are the benefits of Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance protects your family and keeps them in the home they love.

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Find out more about how our FREE prescription savings card could save you up to 87% on some prescriptions.

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Veterans Life Insurance

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